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A 9yr old with ADHD Diagnosis after Tomatis

Firstly, thank you from all of us, we found the process really easy from the start and my only feedback would be that there are so many things to take it particularly at the initial consultation that I think we would have found it helpful to have had a help sheet sent over outlining the packages we discussed, the costs and requirements as I found myself not being able to remember it all.

B*** completed the 3 Tomatis sound programmes which he enjoyed and now that all 3 are complete we are seeing some differences in his behaviours and actions because it seems that he is listening better or perhaps hearing and processing what we are telling him in a better way. He's much more responsive to requests we make for him to do things. Also when we have conversations with him, he repeats things we have previously discussed showing he has understood which he didn't do before.

The school have also commented on his progress. His last parents evening was improved and we've since had an update to say that behaviour and effort in most areas has improved. His guidance teacher also commented on his general maturity but we feel this might be linked to him focusing better on what's being said to him.

We can't thank you enough, we finally feel like we are seeing the B*** we knew was in there but was being hidden by his frustrations and anger.


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