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The first case study has to be the story of our son.  The reason I got into this.

He was in P3. I could see that he was struggling with reading despite being a bright boy. The school saw nothing, telling me was just different from my older two children. I did not agree. I requested an assessment which I discovered was my right as a parent. Eventually the school arranged for him to be seen by an educational Psychologist. The results were clear. He was very dyslexic, not just a little bit but very. I remember the words they used. ‘Don’t worry’ they said, ‘he will get someone to read and write for him at high school’.

I asked what I could do to help him to make life easier. I could not believe they were writing him off in p3. ‘Mrs. Shannon’ they said, ‘there is no cure for dyslexia’.

I was not prepared to accept this. There had to be something I could do. Then someone mentioned INPP to me. They explained that it identified physical reasons for learning difficulties and then reduced them. I did some research and it seemed to make sense. It was also the only thing I could find that offered hope.

I found a practitioner in Edinburgh and made our first appointment. She explained how retained reflexes can result in inefficiencies in the neural pathways which make learning more difficult for some children.

Our first appointment was in October. We saw her every 8 weeks and worked on integrating the Moro reflex, the TLR and the ATNR. The exercises were ridiculously simple. I thought I was throwing my money away. Still she offered hope where no one else was offering anything so we did the exercises everyday.

In January, the school phoned me to ask what we had been doing as he had written his first ever full page of written work. They were astounded at the difference in such a short time. His spelling was still awful but his writing and reading had improved significantly. He also learned to ride a bike which he had been struggling to manage before.

The programme lasted 18 months. We travelled to Edinburgh every 8 weeks and paid a fortune. We continued his daily exercise. As he was managing better he was less willing to do his exercise and for the last few appointments I encouraged him with lego figures.

He is now in second year at high school, in the top class for all subjects and with no additional needs what so ever. The high school are unaware that he ever had any difficulties. He is a happy confident boy. How different things could have been.

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