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  • Online screening questionnaire (here)

If you are considering INPP or believe you child may have retained reflexes, please complete the online screening questionnaire.  

  • Initial consultation just the adults.

The free initial consultation will last about 45 minutes. During this time detailed background information will be collected, including information about the pregnancy, birth and early years of the child or adults' life.  This will allow us to consider if our programmes are right for you or your child and give you the opportunity to ask any questions.  The child is not usually present at this meeting so we can talk freely and to avoid them meeting yet another professional if it is unlikely that I can help.


At the end of this consultation, we will advise you as to whether a movement or a listening programme would be appropriate in your case. 

  • An individual assessment


This is a detailed neurodevelopmental assessment and will take up to 2 hours.  Various developmental tests, balance tests and tests of visual acuity will be carried out and, if appropriate, an audiogramme will be done.  This assessment will give us an insight into your situation and help us decide whether any of our programmes would be likely to make significant improvements to your life.  If appropriate you might receive your first exercise at this point.

  • An online report reading


This optional online session allows for detailed feedback on the assessment and implications of the findings.

  • Regular reviews


Regular reviews will be held to monitor your programme.  At these reviews new exercises will be given or new listening tracks will be sent out as required.  This continues until we agree that the programme has done all that it can for you.


​Individuals continue to experience improvements in the months following the programme as they become used to their new, more efficient way of listening.

Appointments available in Leith, in Biggar and in Aberdeen.  Full online programmes are also available.


Call 01899438152 or 07516614731

If you are not sure is this is for you follow the link above

 and complete the Children's questionnaire.  This will give you an indication as to wether this programme is like to help you.

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