Pauline Shannon
INPP Pauline Shannon
Pauline Shannon


I have  a background in working with children who are experiencing difficulties at home and in school.  I worked with children in residential homes in Aberdeen and as an Assistant Unit Manager in a secure unit in Edinburgh.  Following that I was a social worker for learning disabilities in Musselburgh  and East Lothian before having a family of my own.  


After a break to raise my family of three I undertook further education in the field of child developement and education including a Waldorf teacher training course, Johansen IAS practitioner course and the INPP practitioner course.  


I am now building up my practice in the South of Scotland.


My interest in the difficulties experienced by children and adults in learning and coping with life, led me to understand that there are often developmental or processing issues which are in effect barriers to learning and coping. This led me to explore the interesting areas of Neuro Developmental Delay and auditory processing (listening) difficulties.  

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